Zero Administration SpamRazor is compatible with ALL email systems that have their own domain names.

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Accuracy This service will typically block 90% - 97% of spam, virus and mailious traffic, and is very unlikely to block legitimate email.

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Network Security Protection from viruses and potentially harmful attachments that are removed by SpamRazor before entering your network.

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You're In Control You're in control of your MX record. With a simple change by your IT staff or ISP, SpamRazor is turned on.

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No hardware or software required
No installation or maintenance
No staff training is required
⊕ No complex rules
⊕ Spam Filtering Options
⊕ Only a simple DNS/MX change
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Zero First Positive Rate
Rule Base Scoring
Sender Recipent ID LookUp
⊕ IP based blacklist / whitelist
⊕ Domain based blacklist / whitelist
⊕ Anti-virus protection
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Multilayered defense
Attachment filtering
Eliminate network risk
⊕ Reduce load on your mail servers
⊕ No unwanted recipient
⊕ DoS attack prevention
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24 x 7
Premium technical Support
Chat Online
Call me back Facility
⊕ Complete Online Demo
⊕ Mails are not deleted but quarantine which can be realesed latter by the user
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Our Solution

Available in two flavours

Infectious Spam: Spam is a growing concern for companies the world over. With more and more time being spent on the handling of spam, a good anti-spam solution has become a necessity. There are many solutions offered however many fall short. Some solutions are software programs that are installed on each desktop. These have to be updated on a regular basis and are costly or are just not well developed. Others are on the mail server and again need to be updated regularly and it calls for routine maintanance. With spammers contantly working their way around such software, sometimes updating the spam rules just isn
The Cure: SpamRazzor is proud to now offer a world class anti-spam service to customers through one of our partners or direclty. This service is the best solution as it requires no software to be install, no updating, has a dedicated and very established world class anti-spam staff and engineers staying on top of the spammers every move and keeping you safe. The service filters out spam before it ever hits your network, reducing your email download times and clogging up your email client. It also increases performance for you by freeing up the mail server from unnecessary spam traffic.


Connection filtering with real-time block list
Recipient Confirmation from final MTA
Recipient lookup
Sender ID lookup
Bayesian / Heuristic Filtering
Attachment filtering
Customized spam filtering
Rule base scoring
Antivirus scanning
Updated and integrated content Message Filter

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Online Demo

Live Demo of Control Panel

"Kick the fires" and try out a fully-functional Control Panel on a "demo" account with "demo" domains. This will give you an overview of the capabilities and customizability of theSpamRazor service.

Please - While you are encouraged to experiment with blacklists, whitelists, etc., please remember that the next visitor will see what you leave behind. Please don't enter offensive material. Also please do not enter real e-mail addresses.

Note - Since this is only a demo control panel so most of the features are working and any changes done is ineffective.

Login with - demo as userid and demo password


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the logical security on spamrazor to ascertain privacy of our email messages?
  • How much time does it take to activate the service?
  • What is needed from our side to activate the service?
  • Is the email delivery delayed by Spamrazor?
  • Does Spamrazor scan our emails for virus?
  • What does Spamrazor do when spam is detected?
  • How to login to spamrazor account?


Client Testimonial

Thanks for such a great product. It works great and I don't have to waste 30 minutes deleting garbage. Wow, This is a great service.

- Mr. Nandu R, Priya Graphics

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