Thank YOU for coming up with such a workable service! The amount of SPAM we've been getting has increased tremendously of late. We use our email for business, too & it's been driving us C-R-A-Z-Y. The SpamRazor is great & works very well.
I am recommending it to friends, too!.... Thanks again, and best wishes for growing success.
- Sudhir Dalal, Color Craft
Thanks for such a great product. It works great and I don't have to waste 30 minutes deleting garbage. Wow, This is a great service.
- Mr. Nandu R, Priya Graphics
I have not gotten one single spam email since I started your 4 days ago. When I did figure it out I became very impressed. Thanks and thanks for keeping the monthly price at a level where everyone can afford it!. I'm recommending this to all my friends.
- Mr. Nitin Patwardhan, PIPLWorld
I checked my quarantined email this morning and found that the filter is working. You caught all of the farmho type emails. Yeah !!!!! Keep up the good work. If this system keeps working like this I will get the rest of the organization on it.
- Mr. Arvind Sanghai, Intertex
I have been using SpamRazor for several months now. It is the perfect solution for me. I conduct business via my email... it is absolutely essential that I get certain emails. A spam program which deletes suspect email from the server would cause me many problems. SpamRazor method of putting suspect email into a separate folder is a perfect solution. I check that folder once a day and retrieve any legitimate emails from it. Initially I would estimate that SpamRazor was about 85% to 90% accurate. A rare Spam email gets through to my regular in-box, but most of the failures were legitimate emails being tagged as Spam. But the SpamRazor whitelist means one can tweak the system and increase SpamRazor efficiency very quickly. I would estimate now that it is sifting out spam at about 96% to 98% efficiency. Thanks for a great program.
- Mr. Prakash S R, Cargo World
I started your service on my domain yesterday and today my inbox is beautiful.
- Swami Umananad Saraswati, Mission Trust
I just want to let you know that the service is working far better than I ever expected it could/would. Since Friday at 9AM (and I’m sure it’s still not fully propagated yet) over 800 spams were flat-out blocked, and that’s saving some serious time for me and my people. You’re with an excellent company with an excellent product!
- Vinod Jaiswar, Glamour
HOW DO YOU DO IT???? Best money I ever spent. Thanks very much!!!
- Ravi Kalkoti, Param Creations

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