• What is the logical security on spamrazor to ascertain privacy of our email messages?

Spamrazor never stores your mails on server, its purely a technology based on scan and forward back to the destination mail server.

  • How much time does it take to activate the service?

Typically the service is activated within 1 business hour, but the time taken for propogation of the MX records of your domain is the only factor that is variable, this can vary from one hour to maximum 24 hours.

  • What is needed from our side to activate the service?

You just need to change your MX records to point to our filtering servers and you need to provide us with the IP address of your final destined mail server. In case you don't know how to go about this, our technical support team will assist you by sending you the necessary changes which you can simply forward to your Hosting Provider

  • Is the email delivery delayed by Spamrazor?

No, the emails are not delayed by any noticable amount, its just a matter of few seconds that Spamrazor takes to do the scanning and relaying it back to your server.

  • Does Spamrazor scan our emails for virus?

Yes, your mails go through multiple layer of virus checks from reputed Antivirus companies on gateway level as well as host level

  • What does Spamrazor do when spam is detected?

Traditionally most of the solutions tag the spam mails and send them to your inbox which later you have to filter using processing rules in your POP client. This approach defeats the sole purpose of keeping the uwanted emails and malicious traffic away from your network. Spamrazor quarantines these spam messages and holds them on the antispam server which you can review anytime later within 7 days.

  • How do I come to know whether there are any spams trapped in my quarantine area?

Spamrazor sends a daily quarantine digest to all the users, this mail provides information of list of emails that are quarantined by spamrazor. It displays the sender, score of the email and subject so you can identify whether it was a genuine email or not.

  • What is the uptime guarantee of Spamrazor?

We realize that email is a life line of business and most critical, We guarantee the uptime of 99.9% but as a matter of fact till now we have been able to maintain almost 100% uptime.

  • How do we get our username and password for spamrazor?

Once your service is activated your username and password are automatically generated by spamrazor which can be changed later on after first login.

  • How to login to spamrazor account?

To login to your spamrazor account for managing your spam quarantine, blacklist and whitelist you can go to http://razor2.spamrazor.net/

  • How can we change my Spamrazor password?

For changing your password for spamrazor kindly login to the spamrazor control panel, then go to settings page on this page under login credentials you can put new password.

  • How do we release the mails trapped in quarantine if they are needed by us?

To release the mails from quarantine kindly login to spamrazor control panel with your appropriate credentials and go to spam quarantine link from the welcome screen, on this page you can select non-spam action for the mails that you want to get delivered to your inbox.

  • How can we manage our own blacklist and whitelist?

To manage blacklist or whitelist you may login to the control panel and from welcome page go to link W/B list, under this page you can add entry for either whole domain by using @domain.com or a particular email id under blacklist or whitelist.

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