This service will typically block 90% - 97% of spam, virus and mailious traffic, and is very unlikely to block legitimate email. Besides the obvious, time-saving benefits of stopping spam, the service has additional benefits:

  • Saves internet bandwidth to your in-house mail server. These savings are often greater than the price of this service!
  • Eliminates loss of emails by "holding" messages in the event your mail server is off-line.
  • The personalised blacklist / whitelist can be used on user as well as domain level.
  • Scanning for spam and viruses at the outermost edge of the network significantly reduces the amount of messaging content to be processed and stored internally.
  • Filterring attachments and scanning for malware before delivery to mailboxes dramatically reduces user exposure to these threats.
  • SpamRazor automatically queue and attempt delivery of your email for up to three days if your server or Internet ever become unavailable.
  • Reducing the overheads of administrative manpower getting involved unnecessarily.

 Why Is SpamRazor Better


  • SpamRazor combines an industry leading 99% average spam capture and guarantees 90% - 97%. Our process is comprised of multiple of tests that not only look for common spammer techniques but also look at the behavior of the email. All of this happens within few seconds of time period.
  • Zero false positive rate since the mails are not deleted but quarantine which can be realesed latter by the user.

  Network Security

  • Protection from viruses and potentially harmful attachments that are removed by SpamRazor before entering your network.
  • It saves your corporate network from external attacks and prevent directory harvesting, which is used by spammers to collect email addresses.
  • Our advanced virus identification methods include multiple respected anti virus engines.

  You're In Control

  • You're in control of your MX record. With a simple change by your IT staff or ISP, SpamRazor is turned on.
  • Spam can be handled how you want. It is delivered to our online quarantine, sent to your server tagged or deleted. You can set your user to be handled individually.

  Zero Administration

  • SpamRazor is compatible with ALL email systems that have their own domain names.
  • No additional software or hardware is needed.
  • No complex rules for users or administrators to maintain.
  • All wireless email devices under your domains are covered--automatically.
  • Spam Filtering Options.

  Features Overview

No hardware or software required No cost of ownership
No upgrade costs Multilayered defense
No installation or maintenance hassles 95-98% protection
No staff training is required Reduced bandwidth costs
Only a simple DNS/MX change to enable Anti-virus protection
Safely re-queues emails, if your server is unavailable Attachment filtering
No unwanted recipient's emails Save valuable resources
24X7 Premium technical Support Reduce load on your mail servers
Enhance productivity Enjoy business continuity
Eliminate network risk Immediate ROI
Stable Scalable
Proven Affordable
Secure Enterprise solution
Redundant IP based blacklist
IP based white list Domain based blacklist
Domain based white list Total protection
DoS attack prevention Directory harvest attack protection
Protection from known malicious servers Easy Integration
Simple Management Accept lists
Custom Deny list Sender filtering
Connection filtering

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