We saw a need and wanted to meet that need efficiently, accurately, and simply. Our background in providing outsourced IT support to businesses allowed us to see what a problem spam was to our clients. Because of this SpamRazor was founded. It has been our top priority to create an uncomplicated solution to solve the complex problem of receiving un-wanted and un-secure email. For nearly a year we focused our efforts solely on the filtering and reliability of SpamRazor’s solution. Now, years later, we are growing and are just as dedicated to our filtering accuracy and positive customer experience today as we were the day we started.

We aim to remain flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our customers as well as the changing strategies of spammers and virus proliferators. SpamRazor is a privately held company that is not accountable to outside investors which allows us to put the needs of our customers first. It is the mission of SpamRazor, to provide the most accurate, reliable and customer centric email protection solution on the market.

The SpamRazor Reseller program is designed for service providers, web and email hosting companies, and ISPs who are looking to increase the value of their current product offerings by including a fully managed antivirus and anti-spam solution.

SpamRazor is an enterprise level email security solution that provides Virus Protection, Spam Filtering and Email Security wrapped into ONE complete package.

With no hardware or software to install and maintain, SpamRazor delivers a complete business email security solution, filtering all mailious traffic for your domain at theout of your network, before arriving to your mail server. Our spam filtering process blocks on average 90-97% of unwanted email with a zero false positive rate since the mails are not deleted but quarantine which can be realesed latter by the user. With our Spam Quarantine – SpamRazor hosted storage, you not only have a clean inbox but a network free of unnecessary traffic. SpamRazor makes your inbox not only functional but friendly, that the reason we say that "your inbox deserve it.".

What We Do:
• Comprehensive Spam Filtering
• Virus Protection
• Harmful Content and Attachment Blocking
• Mail Delivery Support
• Industry Leading Accuracy
• Gateway Level Service

SpamRazor does not require you to install or maintain any hardware or software.

Works With Any Domain Name
SpamRazor works by routing your incoming emails to our filtering servers. We do this by becoming the primary MX (Mail exchange) record for your domain. This simple change can be done by your Network Administrator or ISP and directs email addressed to your domain to SpamRazor and within few seconds, your email arrives presorted.

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