Infectious Spam

Spam is a growing concern for companies the world over. With more and more time being spent on the handling of spam, a good anti-spam solution has become a necessity. There are many solutions offered however many fall short. Some solutions are software programs that are installed on each desktop. These have to be updated on a regular basis and are costly or are just not well developed. Others are on the mail server and again need to be updated regularly and it calls for routine maintanance. With spammers constantly working their way around such software, sometimes updating the spam rules just isn't enough -- the software itself must be dynamic and scalable to counter the spammers efforts.

Available in two flavors

The Cure

SpamRazor is proud to now offer a world class anti-spam service to customers through one of our partners or direclty. This service is the best solution as it requires no software to be install, no updating, has a dedicated and very established world class anti-spam staff and engineers staying on top of the spammers every move and keeping you safe. The service filters out spam before it ever hits your network, reducing your email download times and clogging up your email client. It also increases performance for you by freeing up the mail server from unnecessary spam traffic.

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